STC's primary focus is commercial real estate. However, School Districts, Federal Facilities, and municipalities are also a fair percentage of our clientele. To a lesser degree, we also help residential land owners.

If you have bought or currently own commercial real estate, then you have probably hired a consultant like STC. The majority of services provided by STC fall into one of three categories of commercial property development or building management, which are:

  • Phase I Assessments - The environmental assessment of commercial real estate prior to purchase or refinancing.
  • Phase II/III Assessments - Soil and groundwater testing of commercial and industrial properties when contamination is known or suspected
  • Asbestos, Mold and Lead Assessment of commercial and public buildings and associated abatement efforts.
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments

The staff of STC consists of geologists, environmental scientists and technicians. We're a consulting firm and not a contractor, so our focus is the initial evaluation of environmental concerns (e.g. Phase I Assessments, asbestos inspections), and then monitoring/supervision of the contractor's abatement or remediation efforts (e.g. asbestos abatement, soil excavation).

2012 marked our 20th anniversary in the industry, so we have literally brought hundreds of commercial and industrial projects to successful completion. When selecting a professional for a project, we feel it's important to find someone that does that job every day, not once a month, not once a quarter, and has seen just about every facet or problem that could be encountered. In this way, we think we have a distinct advantage over our competitors that offer environmental consulting as a side line or small branch of their core business.

STC is licensed and registered to perform most all regulated environmental consulting activities in the State of Texas. STC's sole office is the corporate office located on Research Drive in San Antonio. Due to travel costs, we are most competitive in south and central Texas. However, even if your project is in Abilene, Houston, or Dallas, please give us a call and ask for a proposal. You might be surprised. We have a number of clients that will use us exclusively in all regions of Texas.

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