Petroleum Storage Tanks

STC performs a number of services for underground and above ground storage tanks. These services include:

We test soil and groundwater samples during the tank removal process. When a release in excess of Action Levels has occurred, we perform the appropriate site assessment, remediation, and all other actions necessary to bring the site to closure.

Also, if you simply need a tank removed from the ground, please call us. STC doesn't operate backhoes or other heavy equipment used for physically removal of the tanks, but we perform the testing which is a critical component of the tank removal process. Through our contractors, we'll be happy to get you both a proposal for the testing and construction portion of the project.

Mr. Tribley at STC has literally worked on hundreds of underground tank projects since the beginning of the Texas program in the late 1980's. This experience includes all phases of work from simple tank removals to more complex and long term remediation systems.

Want more information on tank regulations in Texas? If so, then be sure to check the TCEQ website. Here are some links to the Petroleum Storage Tank Program:

Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Cleanups

RG-411 - The Main Guidance Document for Tank Removal

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